Volkswagen\'s Mexico plant produces 10 millionth unit

A retro-themed 2.0-liter Beetle GSR
Aug 22, 2013


Volkswagen of Mexico\'s Puebla manufacturing facility recently marked a milestone with the production of its 10 millionth car: a limited edition, 1970s-inspired Beetle GSR.

\"This is an important milestone and symbol of Volkswagen\'s long-term commitment to the North American market,\" said Volkswagen of America president Jonathan Browning. \"It\'s only fitting that the milestone car is a Beetle in light of this being the 75th anniversary of the car. Puebla has been manufacturing quality Beetles and other Volkswagens for the US for nearly 50 years, and continues to play a key role in our growth strategy.\"

The Puebla manufacturing facility became Volkswagen\'s manufacturing hub for the Americas starting with the production of the original Beetle in 1967. Since then, the plant has produced more than three million Beetles and currently manufactures the Beetle Convertible, the Jetta and the Jetta SportWagen for the US market. The plant will also begin production of the next-generation Golf for the North and South American markets in early 2014.

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Incidentally, as we reported a few weeks ago, Volkswagen\'s Philippine-market distributor, Automobile Central Enterprise, will be importing the Jetta and the Beetle from the Puebla, Mexico, plant.

As for the milestone Beetle GSR unit, it has a yellow-and-black paint job, a retro theme inspired by the \"Yellow Black Racer\" of the 1970s. It is powered by a turbocharged and direct-injection 2.0-liter TSI engine, \"giving it more power, torque and better fuel economy.\"

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According to the German carmaker, only 3,500 units of the special-edition Beetle GSR will be built.

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