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The ongoing "The World of Toyota Motor Show" is important for the Japanese carmaker in more ways than one. Not only is it serving as a week-long event to celebrate Toyota Motor Philippines' 25th anniversary, it's also a retrospective look at the brand's presence in the country through its products since the 1960s.

Another reason why the nine-day expo is so important for TMP is that it is serving as a template for similar events that Toyota's head office in Japan wants its ASEAN subsidiaries to replicate in their respective countries.

"That's why, besides TMP's Japanese officers, we had a lot of other Japanese nationals from Toyota during the opening," our source from TMP told "They came here to see how we're staging the event because Toyota wants them to do something similar in the countries they're assigned to."

It looks like TMP has started something that may soon become a tradition within Toyota.

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