Is Honda PH offering unsafe cabin accessory to CR-V owners?

What is it?
Apr 18, 2013

Honda CR-V accessory third-row seat

At the recent Manila International Auto Show, Honda Cars Philippines introduced a seemingly brilliant accessory for the CR-V: a detachable third-row seat to make the popular SUV a "seven-seater." The contraption comes free with a brand-new CR-V but costs P25,000 if existing CR-V owners want to buy one.

It did sound like a good concept at the time, until one industry executive--who requested not to be named--asked this question: "Isn't Honda's aftermarket third-row seat for the CR-V unsafe? It doesn't have seatbelts. It doesn't even have headrests. Imagine what happens to third-row passengers in the event of a rear-end collision. Don't get me wrong. I like Hondas. But this product is unsafe."

And so, we got Honda's response to the executive's pronouncement.

"The detachable third-row seat accessory for the CR-V is designed for short-range optional use," the company said.

But...shouldn't vehicle passengers wear seatbelts at all times, regardless of the trip distance? Just asking.

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