Mazda CX-5 officially goes on sale

Available at showrooms starting tomorrow, April 21
Apr 20, 2012


Mazda Philippines has finally brought into the country the Mazda CX-5, the first vehicle in the Japanese carmaker\'s lineup that makes use of its SkyActiv technology and \'Kodo (Soul of Motion)\' design language.

\"The all-new Mazda CX-5 with SkyActiv technology is Zoom-Zoom driving taken to the next level,\" said Janinna Mendoza, marketing director for Mazda Philippines. \"The true Mazda driving experience is now enhanced with even greater performance and excellent fuel economy.\"

Mazda\'s Kodo design language on the CX-5 starts with the line across the bottom of the grille, which then extends outward to the headlamps. According to the carmaker, this not only signifies wings in flight but also forms the face of the next-generation Mazda as well as refines the characteristic Mazda five-point grille. Mazda\'s prominent fenders have also been reworked for the CX-5 and, combined with its sculpted body sides, emphasizes the Kodo design theme, \"giving an impression of musculature that\'s tense and ready for action.\" Completing the dynamic design out back are the prominent rear fenders to give it a well-planted stance and the steeply-raked rear window.

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Inside, the CX-5\'s cabin is driver-oriented, with the deep-hooded gauges drawing the driver\'s gaze into the instrument panel, reminiscent of Mazda\'s sports cars. In addition, the dials\' illumination has changed from amber red to white to give the gauges\' needles a metallic appearance, similar to that of classic sports cars. On the front passenger side, a glossy piano-black bar that extends from the center stack to the door trim gives the CX-5 a feeling of stability inside.

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A 162hp and 210Nm SkyActiv-G 2.0-liter direct-injection gasoline engine powers the CX-5\'s front wheels through either a six-speed SkyActiv-Drive automatic or six-speed SkyActiv manual transmission. According to Mazda, the secret to the engine\'s exemplary fuel consumption is its 14.0:1 compression ratio which, thanks to its 4-2-1 exhaust system, reduces the buildup of high-temperature residual gas in the combustion chamber, thereby helping to eliminate engine knocking.

Other SkyActiv technologies that the CX-5 sports are its chassis, which gives the vehicle a linear steering response at low- to mid-speeds while also providing for excellent high-speed stability; and the body, which has excellent collision safety performance while achieving both light weight and high rigidity.

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The 2.0-liter Mazda CX-5 is available at P1.392 million for the manual transmission variant, while the model with the automatic transmission is going for P1.452 million.


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