Mercedes-Benz lectures Pinoy customers on causes of driving errors

Do you know what these are?
Oct 1, 2011

CATS Motors held the Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience this weekend at the Subic International Airport, primarily to show its customers what they could do with their Mercs if they just knew how to drive these properly. The distributor of the German car brand even flew in professional driving instructors to do the, er, instructing.

During the lecture, one particular slide caught everyone's attention. It showed "the six main causes of driving errors." These causes are: (1) inappropriate speed; (2) failure to observe right of way; (3) maintaining insufficient distance; (4) errors when turning off; (5) incorrect use of the road; and (6) influence of alcohol.

We're assuming these factors are most true in Europe. But how about in the Philippines? Can we add mobile-phone use to the list? Or what about unruly motorbike riders, who cause car drivers to misjudge their maneuvers? Can you nominate other factors?

(Photo by Sam Liuson)

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Six main causes of driving errors

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