MMDA plans to put more concrete barriers on EDSA

How do you prevent buses from straying out of their designated lanes?
Jul 9, 2009

How do you prevent buses from straying out of their designated lanes?

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) believes more concrete barriers on the already narrow highways of the metropolis will do the trick.

The MMDA announced plans to erect concrete dividers on the entire stretch of EDSA to keep public utility buses within the yellow lanes. The barriers will likewise prevent private vehicle drivers from entering the lanes for public vehicles.

"We have noticed that despite our strict prohibition, bus drivers still get out of the yellow lanes whenever they have the chance to do so. So we have put up these separators which will serve as the yellow lane fence," MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando said.

The MMDA is currently testing the dividers' effectiveness in the Guadalupe-Estrella strip of EDSA.

"With these separators, private vehicles can now travel along EDSA without being slowed down by buses that mix with them in the inner lanes," Fernando said.

He added that the yellow lane dividers will be marked with collapsible bollards and reflectorized cones to prevent accidents.

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