Can a car be a place of birth on a birth certificate?

Apparently, the answer is yes
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Sep 6, 2018
PHOTO: Smart Parenting

We shared an amazing story recently about a lady who gave birth while stuck in traffic on EDSA. Here's an exerpt from that piece:

"We've all joked about how awful it is to be caught in Metro Manila traffic when you need to pee badly. But being stuck in traffic when you have a medical emergency sounds like a nightmare--or an unforgettable story your kid will never tire of listening to. That's what we predict for the daughter of Cheoui de Leon26, and her fiance, Luis Bernabe, because she was born in the middle of EDSA traffic. Cheoui was 36 weeks and 6 days in her pregnancy when she had her final consultation with her ob-gyn last September 1, 2018. "My due date was supposed to be on September 23, but during our appointment, I was surprised when my OB said I was already 2cm dilated," she tells in an interview via Facebook Messenger. "She told me I could give birth at any time."

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We then got hold of the birth certificate of the little one, and we were amazed to see the place of birth indicated as: TOYOTA VIOS. Well, that's not the only information there. It is also indicated that the car was on its way to J. Delgado Memorial Hospital on Kamuning Road in Quezon City. But still, we find it pretty cool that a car make and model found its way into a super-important legal document like this one.

The Metro Manila traffic situation is probably going to get worse before it gets better; the population is booming; and then the all-new Vios was launched recently, too. Are we going to see more birth certificates like the one posted above? You know what? There's a very good chance of that.   

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PHOTO: Smart Parenting
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