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McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker

What a day, right? Friday...payday...mall-sale events...long weekend...riotous anarchy religious vigils.

May we console you with the idea that early tomorrow morning, you can forget all that bullcrap by having your windshield adorned with a McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker? There are only two days left to get this sticker, and we'd like to share with you tomorrow's "lucky hour," or the time the stickers will be made available.

For August 29 (Saturday), the lucky hour is 6am. The earlier we can wipe off this Friday nightmare from our memory, the better.

The promo is being held at McDonald's drive-thru outlets in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. Only the first 100 cars to arrive at each store will get the VIP sticker, which entitles the car owner to various free stuff from McDonald's upon driving through and ordering food.

Good luck! Get your McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker. This new one is valid until December 31, 2016.


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