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LTFRB's new 24/7 hotline

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board has just put up its new 24/7 hotline, via which commuters can report drivers or operators of public-utility vehicles committing any unbecoming behavior or conduct. Everything from rudeness to defective meters, you can now report it to 1342, and the LTFRB promises that your complaint will be attended to.

We know a lot of our readers are going to have a field day with this. Commuters can now send proof of PUV transgressions via LTFRB SMS and Viber hotlines as well. It's as simple as snapping a picture of the driver or vehicle caught in the act, and sending it to LTFRB via one of the following numbers:

* (0917) 550-1342 - Globe/TM subscribers

* (0998) 550-1342 - Smart/Talk 'N Text/Sun subscribers

Individuals filing a complaint will be asked by the LTFRB if they are willing to attend a hearing, after which the grievance will be forwarded to the LTFRB legal division for scheduling and issuance of summons. If callers are unwilling to attend a hearing, the LTFRB will issue a Show Cause Order (SCO) asking the respondent to explain himself/herself. The respondent must comply within five days of receiving the SCO.

Is this new hotline just another quick-fix solution, or could it actually help in deterring PUV drivers from misbehaving? We're hoping it's the latter.


Drei Laurel
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Drei's passion for driving began not behind the wheel of a car, but in front of a keyboard and computer screen, playing 'Need For Speed' for hours on end with his twin brother.
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