MMDA, LTO intensify drive vs. motorcycle riders wearing slippers

Traffic enforcers are all over C5, EDSA looking for violators
by Aris Ilagan | Sep 27, 2018
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

No excuses.

This is the stern warning of enforcers from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) against motorcycle riders who hit the road without proper riding gear.

These past few days, Moto Sapiens has noticed more and more MMDA and LTO enforcers deployed in strategic areas of C5, to apprehend riders wearing slippers, flip-flops, or sandals.

The enforcers were positioned in multiple areas, with an alert chase team waiting a few meters away from the main group, ready to take on those who will attempt to elude the apprehension. This means the officers are back in serious business.

Although these riders were wearing helmets, they were still issued a traffic violation ticket for not wearing shoes. Footwear would protect their feet from injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash. “Sir, malapit lang naman po ang pupuntahan ko,” Moto Sapiens overheard a rider while talking to an LTO officer. The rider’s appeal apparently fell on deaf ears, so he rode home with a traffic citation ticket. Some riders even had plastic bags stacked with grocery items on the scooter's step board, a possible indication they're out only for a quick errand.

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These riders were cited for violating Section XI, Provision (e) of LTO Administrative Order AHS-2008- 015 entitled ‘Rules and Regulations for the Use and Operation of Motorcycles on Highways.’ This specific LTO regulation implies that riders are prohibited from wearing flip-flops, sandals, slippers (and most especially being barefoot) while operating a motorcycle or scooter on a road or highway.

MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago stressed that the campaign is nothing new. 

"Lahat ng violations ng isang motorista or riders talagang huhulihin. Actually, generally speaking, we are intensifying our efforts to catch them hindi lang dun sa pagsusuot ng slippers, even in other violations," said Celine.

Riders who are apprehended for the first offense are penalized P500, P700 for the second offense, and P1,000 (plus revocation of driver’s license) for the third offense.

So, riders, don’t think that it’s just going to be a quick and short-distance ride without safety gear.

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Just a friendly reminder from Moto Sapiens: Always be a responsible rider.


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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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