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Motorbike-related deaths top list of 2019 Metro Manila traffic fatalities

Ride safe out there
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Own a motorcycle? Then you’re going to want to take extra care the next time you head out because motorbike-related deaths have once again topped the Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System’s (MMARAS) list of traffic fatalities last year.

In 2019, a total of 234 incidents involving motorbikes resulted in the loss of life—a slight uptick from 224 the year prior. For comparison, only 80 incidents involving cars resulted in death, and only 92 for trucks. Trains were the safest vehicle on the MMARAS report for 2019, with only four incidents resulting in a fatality.

Of course, you have to take into account the role sheer numbers play here: According to the MMARAS statistics from 2018, 1,284,345 motorbikes were registered in Metro Manila compared to just 476,102 units for cars—no doubt these figures have grown significantly since that report was released, too.

Check out the full breakdown below:

Vehicle type Fatal Non-fatal injury Damage to property Total number of vehicles
Motorcycle 234 16,930 17,842 35,006
Truck 98 1,359 17,210 18,667
Car 80 8,992 109,450 118,552
PUJ 40 1,817 8,439 10,296
Van 37 2,035 22,887 24,959
Bus 25 759 10,057 10,841
Bike/Pedicab 20 1,060 703 1,783
Tricycle 18 1,441 2,463 3,922
Unknown 10 540 4,823 5,373
Taxi/FX 8 825 825 6,331
Train 4 9 9 17
Total 574 35,767 199,376 235,717

What else can we get from the data presented above? Well, incidents involving cars were responsible for the most damage to property, incidents involving motorbikes topped the list for non-fatal accidents, and PUVs like jeepneys and buses, while extremely annoying to motorists, aren’t the most dangerous form of transport out there.

The full 2019 MMARAS report is available for viewing here. Do note, however, that there appears to be several discrepancies in the reported data, including inconsistencies in the annual comparison of statistics related to just motorcycle-related road crashes (the tables toward the end of the file) and the stats for the total number of vehicles involved (table four in the file) on which this article is based.

You can argue all you want, but this data proves it: Metro Manila is not a safe place for motorcycles. Do you agree with the MMARAS findings?

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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