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Will this be the future of bus rides in the Philippines?

It has a three-row setup
The "new normal" of bus commute in the Philippines

We’re currently seeing the country ease into general community quarantine in the last couple of days. Businesses have reopened, trains are operating, and workers are going back to their offices. All of which follow strict guidelines and are under limited capacity. 

And while we’ve seen our economy recover bit by bit, we’ve also seen the number of cars plying our roads increasing on a daily basis. But for commuters, options to get to their workplaces are still limited. For its part, the Department of Transportation announced that it will be adding more bus routes

In order to comply with guidelines and promote social distancing, companies like Centro Manufacturing Corporation have introduced anti-COVID-19 dividers. These are ready-to-install dividers for public utility vehicles. And for the bus lines, Vallacar Transit Inc. (Ceres Liner), it showcased what its buses will look like once they are back on the road.

In the video above, Vallacar Transit shares what the inside of the bus looks like, a three-row setup with each chair equipped with an acrylic plastic partition.

So tell us, will this new setup make you feel safer once you’re back to riding buses? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts.

Video from Jez Mar.

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