Nissan to launch experimental car-sharing service in Yokohama

At 20 yen per minute
Sep 26, 2013


Nissan, together with Yokohama City in Japan, will launch on October 11 a one-way car-sharing service using 100 units of its New Mobility Concept ultra-compact electric vehicle.

The project is known as Choimobi Yokohama, a joint venture between Nissan and Yokohama City, and is part of the city\'s Mobility Project Zero program that aims to increase low-emission transportation options for its residents.

According to Nissan, the one-way car-sharing service lets the EVs be rented out from and returned to \"any of 45 car pickup/return stations that will be located in downtown Yokohama.\" The carmaker added that the EVs are restricted from being driven on expressways and highways, and can only be used within the city.

Supported by Japan\'s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the project will begin with 30 EV units and gradually increase to around 100 units total.

Nissan added that, to date, there has been no other car-sharing service in Japan that has used a large number of ultra-compact EVs for this type of mobility project.

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Yokohama residents who wish to participate in the project need to register first at The participants are then required to attend a one-hour safety driving class. Once the course is completed, membership cards will be provided, allowing them to use the service with a rate of 20 yen (P8.8) per minute.

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