Full list: Here are all the no-parking zones in Pasig City

The LGU will begin clamping illegally parked cars in the city starting July 28
by TopGear.com.ph | Jul 25, 2022
a wheel clamp on an illegally parked vehicle
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It’s not just the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) that’s clamping down (no pun intended) on illegally parked vehicles—the local government unit of Pasig City has announced that it will also begin heightening its road-clearing efforts.

Starting July 28, 2022, authorities in Pasig City will begin using wheel clamps and tire-lock systems to immobilize all vehicles parked in no-parking and tow-away zones within the city.

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This new directive is part of Ordinance Number 23 Series of 2016. Release or removal of clamping devices will cost P1,500, which will be paid in full to the Pasig City Treasurer’s Office. Destroying or illegally removing wheel clamps will result in a P2,500 fine, one-month imprisonment, or both.

24/7 no parking zones in Pasig City:

  1. Along Ortigas Avenue Extension (Barangays San Antonio, Ugong, Rosario, and Santa Lucia)
  2. Along Shaw Boulevard (Barangays Oranbo, Kapitolyo, and San Antonio)
  3. Along Pasig Boulevard and Pasig Boulevard Extension (Barangays Bagong Ilog, Pineda, and Canlogan)
  4. Along C5 (E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue)
  5. Along Meralco Avenue (Barangays San Antonio and Ugong)
  6. Along Amang Rodriguez Avenue
  7. Along C. Raymundo Avenue
  8. Along Caruncho Avenue
  9. Along Julia Vargas Avenue
  10. Along P. Burgos Street (Barangay San Jose)
  11. Along Dr. Garcia Street (Barangay Sumilang)
  12. Along Mercedez Avenue
  13. Along Justice Ramon Jabson Street (from Bambang Bridge to Plaza Rizal)
  14. Along M. Conception (Barangay San Joaquin)
  15. Along Guillermo Street (Barangay Buting)
  16. Along Elisco Road (Lopez K. Santos Street)
  17. Along F. Antonio Street (Barangay Bambang)
  18. Along Jimenez Street (Barangay Kalawaan)
  19. Along San Agustin Street (from Public Market to Bilog, Barangay Palatiw)
  20. Along Sandoval Avenue
  21. Along Luis Street (Barangay San Miguel)
  22. Along M. Eusebio Avenue
  23. Along F. Legaspi Avenue
  24. Along F. Manalo Street (Barangays Bambang, Malinao, and Sto. Tomas)
  25. Along E. Angels Street (Barangays Sto. Tomas and Sagad)
  26. Along Floodway Eastbank (Barangay Sta. Lucia)
  27. Along Floodway Westbank (Barangays Rosario and Maybunga)
  28. Along Magsaysay Avenue
  29. Along De Castro Road
  30. Along Countryside Road
  31. Along Bernal Street
  32. Along Stela Marris Street (Barangay Maybunga)
  33. Along Pioneer Street
  34. Along Market Avenue/M. Suarez Street (Barangays Palatiw, San Miguel, and Maybunga)
  35. Along Hon. Benito Soliven Avenue (Green Park)
  36. Along Dr. Pilapi Street (from Angeles to Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue)
  37. Along President M. Quezon Avenue (from Ortigas Avenue Extension to Taniman Street)
  38. Along Jenny’s Avenue (from Eusebio Avenue to Barangay Rosario/Tramo)
  39. Along Eagle Street/Plaridel Street (Barangay Ugong)
  40. Along G. Raymundo Street (from F. Manalo Street to Justice R Jabson Street)
  41. Along Dr. Sixto Avenue (from Barangay Kapasigan to Rosario)
  42. Along Danny Floro Street/Canley Road (from Captain H. Javier Street to E. Rodriguez/C5)
  43. Along San Miguel Avenue to ADB Avenue up to Ortigas Avenue Extension
  44. Along Pearl Drive (from Exchange Road to Amber Drive)
  45. Along A. Mabini Street (Kapasigan)
  46. Along Gold Loop Drive
  47. Along Amethyst Street
  48. Along Exchange Road
  49. Along Jade Drive
  50. Along Emerald Avenue
  51. Along Sapphire Road
  52. Along Garnet Road
  53. Along Ruby Road
  54. Along Topaz Road
  55. Along Onyx Road
  56. Along Opal Road
  57. Along Lourdes Street
  58. Along Urbano Velasco Street (from Damayan Court to Sandoval Avenue)
  59. Along F. Andres Street(Barangays Rosario and Dela Paz)
  60. Along Rosario Village Street (Barangay Rosario)
  61. Along Acacia Street (Octagon Subdivision, Barangay Dela Paz)
  62. Along Lakeview Drive (Barangay Bagong Ilog, from Pasig Boulevard to Arayat Street) 
  63. Along Karikitan Street (Brrgy Manggahan, from Kabayanihan Street to Kaginhawaan Street)
  64. Along West Capitol Drive (Barangay Kapitolyo, from Shaw Boulevard to United Street)
  65. Along East Capitol Drive (Barangay Kapitolyo, from West Capitol Drive to Sta. Rosa Street)
  66. Along Arayat Street (from Pasig Boulevard to Lakeview Drive)
  67. Along Blumentritt Street (from Mabini Street to Industria Street)
  68. Along Lopez Jaena Street (from Alvalde Jose Street to P. Burgos Street to Dr. Garcia Street up to Emiliano Santos Street, Barangay Sumilang)
  69. All street corners, fire lanes, and other areas marked with yellow and black stripes
  70. Along Victoria Road (Barangay San Miguel)
  71. Four meters away from the premises of Plaza Rizal
  72. Along Kamagong Street from Yakal Street to E. Mejia Street
  73. Esguerra Street (from corner U. Velasco Avenue to V. Baltazar Street)
  74. N. Cruz Street (Barangay Palatiw, from M.H. Del Pilar Street to Sandoval Avenue)
  75. Along Rodriguez-Lanuza Avenue (from Ortigas Avenue Extension to C5)
  76. Along Baltazar Street (from F. Manalo Street to San Agustin Street up to A. Esguerra Street)
  77. Along Soriano Street (from San Agustin Street to Market Avenue up to F. Manalo Street
  78. Along E. Santos Street (from San Agustin Street to F. Manalo Street up to Angeles Street
  79. Along Angeles Street (from E. Santos Street to C. Raymundo Avenue)
  80. Along Road 1 (from Caruncho Avenue North to Caruncho Avenue South)
  81. Banaag Street (from Pasig Boulevard to Sta. Monica Street)
  82. Alcalde Jose Street (from A. Mabini Street to Lopez Jaena Street
  83. United Street (from 1st Street to Pasig-Mandaluyong Boundary)
  84. Brixton Street (from Fairlane Street to United Street in Kapitolyo)
  85. Taniman Avenue (from President Quezon Street to Pipino Street in Manggahan)
  86. Yolanda Velasco Avenue (from Preas Street to Mais Street in Manggahan)
  87. MRR Street (from Magsaysay Street Business Park in Manggahan)
  88. P. Visitacion Street (from M. Jimenez Street to M. Tuazon Street in Kalawaan)
  89. Visitacion Street (from Elisco Road to Pasig-Pateros Boundary in San Joaquin)
  90. Evangelista Avenue (from Amang Rodriguez to Pasig-Marikina Boundary in Santolan
  91. Along F. Pasco Avenue (Barangay Santolan)
  92. M. Flores Street (from C5 to Aplaya Street in Bagong Ilog)
  93. San Rafael Street (from 1st Street to West Capitol Drive)
  94. 1st Street (from United Street to San Rafael Street)
  95. Fairlane Street (from West Capitol Drive to dead end)
  96. Axis Road (from Elisco Road to Cuevas Street)
  97. Alfonso Street (from M.L. Quezon Street to East Bank Road)
  98. Mejia Street (from Pasig Boulevard to Kapayapaan Street
  99. Maria Escriva Drive (from Pasig-Shaw Boulevard to Amber Drive)
  100. San Ignacio Street (from East Capitol Drive to San Juan Street in Kapitolyo)
  101. East Bank Road (from A. Rodriguez Avenue to Pasig-Rizal Boundary)
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No parking zones from 6am-9pm in Pasig City:

One-side parking for light vehicles from 9pm to 6am is allowed on these streets:

  1. Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue (from Rotunda to Ortigas Avenue Extension)
  2. Jenny’s Avenue (from M. Eusebio Street to GSIS Rd.
  3. M. Eusebio Avenue (from Market Avenue to F. Legaspi Street/Javier Bridge)
  4. F. Antonio Street (from F. Manalo Street to Balderama Street)
  5. M.H. Del Pilar Street (from Caruncho Avenue to San Agustin Street)
  6. De Castro Avenue (from Ortigas Avenue Extension to East Bank Rd. Triangle
  7. San Agustin Street (from Caruncho Avenue North to Bilog)
  8. Westbank Road Floodway (from Javier Bridge to Amang Rodriguez Avenue)
  9. Urbano Velasco Avenue (from San Agustin to Damayan)
  10. Dr. Pilapil (from Angels Street to Market Avenue)
  11. President Quezon Street (from Alfonso Street to Taniman Street)
  12. Eagle Street (from Legazpi Street to C5)
  13. Along Sandoval Avenue (from Mercedez going to Pasig-Taytay Boundary
  14. Mercedez Avenue (from Sandoval Avenue to Sapang Liwanag)
  15. Market Avenue (from Barangay Hall San Miguel to M. Eusebio Street)
  16. C. Raymundo Avenue (from Ortigas Avenue Extension to F. Legaspi Street)
  17. Esguerra Street (from Urbano Velasco Avenue to Baltazar Street)
  18. F. Inatalan Street (from Aurelianan to Aplaya Street)
  19. Kaalinsabay Street (from Kaginhawaan Street to Kaayusan Street)
  20. F. Mariano Avenue (from Marcos Highway to R. Magsaysay Street)
  21. Oranbo Drive (from Capt. H. Javier Street to Pasig-Shaw Boulevard)
  22. Octagon Avenue (from Amang Rordiguez Avenue to F. Mariano Avenue)
  23. Christian Rd. (from Pasig-Shaw Boulevard to Capt. H. Javier Street)
  24. West Capitol Drive (from United Street to Fairlane Street)
  25. East Capitol Drive (from Sta. Monica Street to Sta. Rosa Street)
  26. Along Dr. Maldo Street (from A. Mabini Street to Industria Extension)
  27. Along Industria Street/Extension (from Dr. Maldo Street to Lopez Jaena Street)
  28. Pag-Asa Street (from C. Raymundo to Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue
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