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LTO releases updated list of replacement license plates ready for claiming

Is yours ready for pickup?
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PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Do you eat your carrots? If you haven’t claimed your car’s replacement license plates from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) yet, we sure hope you do—because there’s a chance you’re going to need a new pair of glasses after going through the agency’s updated database.

Seriously, guys. Please get this database in order. We know pressing ‘CTRL’ and ‘F’ at the same time is simple enough—but you aren’t making motorists’ lives any easier with this kind of documentation. It can’t be that difficult to consolidate or stick to one uniform format and color scheme, can it?

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Anyway, yes, you can now check if your license plate is ready for claiming at your respective district or extension offices. Be sure to download the file from the branch where you requested your replacement, otherwise, your eyes are going to hurt for nothing. You can check out the database here.

If your replacement license plate does turn up inside the LTO’s database, you can get in touch with your branch for further instructions. So, will you be claiming yours anytime soon?

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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