Report: San Juan urges lot owners to turn idle property into parking

Those who do so can avail of business tax exemption of up to five years
by Leandre Grecia | Aug 9, 2019
PHOTO: Pok Rie (from Pexels)

Local government units under the Metro Manila Council have begun their respective road clearing operations this past month following the directives of President Duterte and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

In San Juan City, the city government’s initial efforts included the prohibition of parking along the streets surrounding Greenhills, which was then followed by a declaration of Executive Order No. 007 which further suspended pay parking across all major streets in the city.

This allowed for a better overall flow of traffic around the vicinity, but is said to cause the city to lose about P2.5 million in monthly revenues. More important, it has caused a shortage of parking areas around the city.

In a recent interview with CNN Philippines, San Juan City mayor Francisco Zamora has proposed a possible solution to this problem. He declared that all owners of idle lands around the city who convert these vacant lots into parking areas will be exempted from paying business taxes for up to five years.

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“It’s a win-win situation because it gives us more parking options, at the same time, the vacant lot owners can now have some income with their idle lands,” the mayor said. “But what do you get in return? You get a better flow of traffic, you don’t spend time and gas uselessly and less stress for everyone.”

What do you think of the San Juan City government’s efforts?

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PHOTO: Pok Rie (from Pexels)
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