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House approves bill to penalize people who throw stones at cars

The fines are hefty
PHOTO: Susam Fernback/Freeimages

Back in March, we reported that the House of Representatives was working a bill that aims to punish individuals who throw stones and other hard objects at cars. Well, it didn't take long for the congressmen to come to a decision.

Earlier this week, the House unanimously voted yes on the third and final reading of House Bill No. 7163, with all 171 members present giving their thumbs up. This bill aims to penalize "any person who throws stones, rocks, bricks, bottles, pieces of wood or metal, or any other hard object of any kind or character, that damages, ruins, destroys or wrecks the vehicle or causes death or bodily harm to its passengers."

Per the bill, the punishments for those found committing this crime are:

a) One year imprisonment and a P10,000 fine, as well as the cost of repairing the vehicle.

b) If the act results in injury, the culprit will be dealt a five-year sentence, a P15,000 fine, plus the civil liabilities for medical expenses and rehabilitation.

c) If the stone-throwing results in death, the thrower receives a 25-year prison term and a fine of P100,000, plus the civil liabilities as well. 

Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas, the bill's principal author, hopes that the potential fines and sentences will serve as a deterrent for criminals from committing the act. What do you guys think? Do the punishments fit the crime?

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PHOTO: Susam Fernback/Freeimages
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