You might find booking a Grab a little more difficult this Monday

The first ever ‘TNVS Holiday’ includes a 12-hour strike
by Leandre Grecia | Jul 4, 2019
PHOTO: Top Gear Philippines

How do you go around the metro on a daily basis? If you often use ride-hailing services, this might spell bad news for you.

Recent reports have surfaced that multiple transport network vehicle service (TNVS) groups plan to hold the first ‘TNVS Transport Holiday’ on July 8, 2019, as they take a collective stand against the ‘pahirap policies’ of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

TNVS drivers are expected to stop operations and go offline from 6am to 6pm this coming Monday. The 12-hour strike serves as a form of protest against the LTFRB’s application process for new TNVS units, which various groups claim to be slow, complicated, and inconsistent. The groups also call for the Board to reaccept hatchback applications following the previous LTFRB Memo Circular 2018-005.

Ride-hailing company Grab, on the other hand, calls for a diplomatic resolution and has shared its thoughts on the matter.

“We urge our TNVS partners to show utmost restraint before taking actions that could negatively impact the ability of passengers to book rides,” said Atty. Nicka Hosaka, public affairs manager of Grab Philippines.

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“We recognize the TNVS partners’ right to free speech and peaceable assembly. In many ways, we also support the call for smoother processes and faster timelines. We encourage our TNVS partners to work with us, with passengers, and with our regulators to address TNVS pain points through dialogue. Let us take the high road and to not resort to any rash actions that would directly affect the passengers we are all committed to serve,” she concludes.

Now might be a good time to come up with plan B’s for Monday. Given the current state of Metro Manila traffic, you can never be too ready.

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PHOTO: Top Gear Philippines
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