Video: Victory Liner reveals safe speed limit for public-utility buses

And other company safety measures
Mar 15, 2014

Victory Liner

Bus accidents have taken place around the country so many times in the last few months that we're left to wonder if there are still any buses out there that remain safe to be ridden. To answer that, we went to the leading bus company in the Philippines, Victory Liner, to inquire about its safety practices.

Please note that this is not a paid or PR video. We produced this video out of our own initiative. We're not trying to advance the interests of one bus operator. We just had to pick one bus company to feature, and it happened to be Victory Liner. After chatting with the company's operations vice president, Edward Hernandez, we know we handpicked the right bus operator to interview. It's just refreshing to learn that there's actually a Philippine bus company that provides a good working environment for its personnel and world-class safety standards for its passengers.

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Among the most revealing information in the video is the part where Hernandez says that the speed limit for Victory Liner buses is 90kph, and that this is strictly implemented at all times. There are buses that run almost twice as fast, which explains the fatal accidents they regularly figure in.

Watch the video and see for yourself just what a well-managed bus company looks like. And then maybe you can share it so other bus operators can learn a thing or two about public-utility bus fleet management.


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