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Nissan Almera

According to an executive of Nissan Motor Philippines, the soon-to-be-launched Almera subcompact sedan has just completed a fuel-economy run in which it yielded 24.8km/L. The test involved a manual-transmission unit of the 1.5-liter car.

"One of our dealers lent an Almera 1.5 MT to a fleet customer, and the feedback is that it got a figure of 24.8km/L," NMPI marketing vice president Lee Junia told "The test was conducted just this week. The car took off at Petron on SLEX and proceeded to Subic via EDSA, NLEX and SCTEX."

According to Junia, the average highway speed was kept at 90kph, and the air-conditioning was left on.

If the test result is accurate, we have to say it's very impressive--almost too good to be true. Would this be a factor for you to include the Almera on your short list?

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