Pacquiao adds Ferrari 458 Italia to his car collection - report

As his early Christmas gift to himself
Oct 25, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Pacquaio adds Ferrari 458 Italia to his car collection

It looks like boxing's pound-for-pound king is not only moving up the sport's weight class to take on all challengers as Manny Pacquiao's car collection has also moved a notch higher with his recent purchase of a Ferrari 458 Italia.

The 458 Italia is Pacquiao's latest acquisition with Saranggani's fighting congressman reportedly paying $309,000 (roughly P13.367 million) for the mid-engined Italian exotic. According to, Pacquiao bought the Ferrari as his early Christmas gift to himself. added that the Grigio Silverstone-colored 458 Italia joins Pacquiao's fleet of cars in the United States, which includes the second-generation Lincoln Navigator that he has traditionally ridden in when going to Las Vegas for his fights and a Toyota Land Cruiser that was supposedly given to him by a Toyota dealership in Glendale, California, last year.

No word, though, if the 458 Italia will be Pacquiao's main car whenever he's in the United States or if he'll have it shipped to the Philippines for him to enjoy--maybe to cruise around Saranggani and inspire his constituents or to do 60kph blasts on Commonwealth Avenue on his way to Congress.

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In 2006, Pacquiao indirectly got in trouble with the Bureau of Customs when the taxes of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo he had imported from the United States was found to be underpaid. Pacquiao's name was cleared, though, and the blame was instead placed on the broker as Pacquiao dutifully settled his obligation.

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With the PacMan reportedly earning $20 million on the fight alone, we imagine the $309,000 price tage of the 458 Italia didn't even faze him. We would've opted for the limited edition Neiman Marcus-commissioned Ferrari FF though since we're sure the 458 Italia isn't that rare a car in a city like Los Angeles.

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