Renault electric car sets record for distance traveled in 24 hours

By covering a total of 1,618km
Jun 15, 2012
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Renault electric car sets world record for distance traveled in 24 hours

Renault's soon-to-be-launched Zoe electric vehicle has set a new world record for the longest distance traveled in 24 hours by a production electric car.

The Zoe claimed the record by completing 363 laps of the Aubevoye speed ring in Normandy, France, to cover a total distance of 1,618km, topping the former record of 1,280km set by rival carmaker Citroen in 2011 using its Ax that had been modified into an electric vehicle.

To achieve the record, two Renault Zoes drove on the speed ring at the Aubevoye technical center with 15 drivers taking turns at the wheel. After 24 hours, both cars crossed the finish line with mileages of 1,618km and 1,506km, respectively.

For the result, Renault credits its Chameleon charger, a "world-first system" that makes the Zoe compatible with any socket and power level. According to the carmaker, this allowed the Zoe to be fast-charged at 43kW, regaining 80 percent of its battery capacity in under 30 minutes. Overall, the record-setting Zoe was fast-charged 18 times in 24 hours.

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"This is a superb technical and human adventure," said Bernard Dumondel, Renault's customer specifications electric vehicles director and challenge coordinator. "This victory is the result of a joint commitment to showcasing the quality of Renault electric vehicles."

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