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The Education department hopes to raise road safety awareness among schoolchildren as thousands of kids die in motoring-related accidents every year.

Data from Safe Kids Philippines showed that two million Filipino kids walk to school everyday. As much as 3,600 kids die in road accidents annually.

To prevent fatal road accidents involving kids, the Education Department mandates schools to integrate safety lessons in Sibika at Kultura for grade school students and in Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika for high school students.

Aside from the government, private institutions are also creating programs to increase road safety awareness among children.

"Children are very vulnerable. They are not really aware of how dangerous the roads are so we want to create a program for them," HSDC general manager Arnel Doria earlier said.

Eager to be a road safety advocate? Check out Honda offers safety driving lectures or read How to prevent motorcycle accidents.

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