Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Subaru wanted BRZ to be rear-wheel drive since inception

It looks like Subaru is eager to prove something as the Japanese carmaker reportedly planned for its BRZ sports car, which Subaru co-developed with Toyota, to have a rear-wheel drive orientation since its inception.

According to, after years of continuously developing its symmetrical all-wheel drive technology and selling front-wheel drive cars in certain markets, Subaru is eager to prove its road-holding and traction expertise in a rear-wheel drive application, hence the BRZ's conception as a rear-wheel drive sports car.

This was revealed by Subaru's product planning chief and head developer of the BRZ, Toshio Masuda, who added that some Subaru all-wheel drive models that were tested during their development had nearly 90 percent of their torque sent to the rear wheels, practically making the car a rear-wheel drive car.

As proof of Subaru's expertise, prototypes of the BRZ have reportedly been tested going over 80kph in heavy snow in conditions that lightweight rear-wheel drive sports car aren't well-suited to drive in.

A key ingredient of the BRZ's capability is said to be its low center of the gravity of approximately 17.8 inches, one of the lowest of any car currently on the market.

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