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Gymkhana legend Ken Block has finally showed off his new steed.

After switching to Ford from Subaru early this year, the YouTube stunt-driving star has been seen with his new Ford Fiesta which will be Block's toy in the 2010 Rally America and the 16th edition of the X Games.

Block's Ford Fiesta carries the black-and-white motif he used for his Subaru Impreza. The Ford Fiesta, however, bears the dripping paint job reminiscent of artist Craig "KR" Costello's "Krink" works. Serving as a contrast to the motif is the neon green color of Monster Energy of the Monster World Rally Team.

For the World Rally Championship, Block will be completing with the Ford Focus RS, which is expected to carry the same motif as the Fiesta.

Video uploaded on <a title="MonsterWorldRally on YouTube" target="_blank" href=""><strong>YouTube by MonsterWorldRally</strong></a> <br />
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