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3 car technologies that make driving painless

Revised Mazda CX-5 and 6 have them

Mazda car features

Modern cars are like smartphones. They're an innovation and products of evolution. In the past, they used to be bare-bone transporters; today, engineers have made them safer with primary and supplemental restraint systems. Cars are now jam-packed with tech features just like the mobile phone you're holding now to read this story.

In a way, modern vehicles have evolved to become intelligent like our phones. With the help of sensors and cameras, modern cars can gather and process data to assist the driver--or even make the decision for the person behind the wheel!

Take, for example, the new technologies (dubbed as iActivsense) found in Mazda Philippines' latest offerings in our market. Yes, we're talking about sub-P2,000,000 Japanese cars and not luxury vehicles. The refreshed 6 and CX-5 wear adaptive LED headlamps and have lane-keep assist system. In addition, the CX-5 Sport touts predictive AWD system. Read on to learn how they work.

* Adaptive LED headlamps

With adaptive LED headlamps, drivers don't need to manually adjust the lights. The high beams can adjust automatically. Thanks to forward-sensing cameras, this manual task of adjusting the high beams can be automated. Some LEDs may be switched off, or the angle of your lights may be tweaked so that you don't blind the approaching driver in front of you. Watch the video below for the demonstration.

* Lane-keep assist system

Long road trips are fun--and tiring. Car manufacturers like Mazda want to eliminate "tiring" from the equation and let car owners just enjoy the drive. The lane-keep assist system can tell when drivers are already fatigued. The forward-sensing cameras detect lane markings and the curves of the road to help keep the car in the center of the lane.


An audible alert--similar to the cabin sound while passing over rumble strips--or a steering-wheel vibration warns the driver that the car is unintentionally leaving its designated lane. The system is smart enough to know whether your lane change is deliberate or not. Not convinced? Watch the video below.

* Predictive AWD system

The 2.5L CX-5 Sport's AWD system has a front-slip detection warning system that differentiates it from other AWDs. Equipped with 27 sensors to continuously track road conditions and even the driver's intentions, this AWD system can analyze how much power the wheels need and can transmit this necessary power. Because it's so smart, it "prevents wheelspin and too much rear-drive operation." In the end, drivers get better fuel economy.

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