Apparently, you can now order the 'world's smartest helmet'

We're living in the future
by Dinzo Tabamo | Aug 12, 2014

Skully AR-1

Those of us driving cars may complain about the motorcycles on the road, buzzing about like gnats with ominous intentions. But if you think about it, those on two-wheelers have more cause to be afraid of us. We car drivers are the ones in the solid metal cage; all they have are thick clothing and an enclosed helmet.

Wouldn’t it be better for motorcyclists--and everyone else they share the road with--if they could see, literally, from the back of their heads? Maybe it will stop them from weaving so much. A US-based start-up called Skully has invented the answer to this question. Its invention, the AR-1 motorcycle helmet, has recently cleared the crowdfunding stage and is now available for preorder.

What makes the AR-1 so special is the amount of tech crammed into it. First is a heads-up display integrated into the fog-, scratch- and glare-resistant visor. This is connected to an ultra wide-angle rearview camera that lets the rider see behind him/her. The HUD was designed not to obstruct the rider’s vision, by being positioned outside the primary field of view. The video feed simply appears to float in the distance.

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GPS navigation is also built-in, so directions can appear on the HUD while the rider is moving. And there’s Bluetooth connectivity so the AR-1 wearer can connect a mobile phone and answer calls on the go. The Bluetooth connection can also be configured to stream music.

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All this tech doesn’t come at the cost of safety. The AR-1 has undergone extensive road testing, and is certified by the required US agencies.

If you want one, you can order a Skully AR-1 from its official website. The first batch of 25 helmets have been sold out. For international buyers, the next batch can be had for $1,599 (P70,000), and if you order now it will arrive by May 2015.


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