Audi reinvents the turn signal

With LED elements that sequentially light up
Aug 15, 2013


Audi has reinvented the turn signal, starting with its flagship A8 sedan, by having its LEDs illuminate in a defined sequence, making it easier for others \"to perceive the driver\'s turning intentions, even under difficult conditions.\"

According to the German carmaker, having the turn signal sequentially light up to indicate the turning direction has the potential to significantly enhance traffic safety, specifically since it serves as a visual signal \"that can be clearly and quickly perceived, even at long distances and in poor visibility.\"

For the headlight, 18 LEDs are arranged in a strip that is divided into seven blocks, while for the taillight, 24 LEDs are split into eight segments. When activated, the blocks are sequentially lit at 20-millisecond intervals, from the inside outward in the desired turning direction. After 150 milliseconds, all the segments are activated and, for 250 milliseconds, lit at full intensity. Afterward, the turn signals go dark before repeating the lighting sequence.

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What do you think of Audi\'s take on the turn signal: brilliant or tacky?

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