Ford now working on remote-control parking for its cars

Fast becoming a trend?
Oct 10, 2013


Ford is now working on the next generation of its push-button parking technology that would enable drivers to \"park at the touch of a button from inside or outside their car.\"

Utilizing its existing active park-assist technology and PowerShift transmission, Ford is now testing a Focus equipped with the company\'s prototype fully assisted parking aid system. According to the American carmaker, the technology allows the car to be operated from the outside via remote control, from steering and gear selection to reverse and forward motions. This supposedly makes it extremely useful for parking the vehicle in a tight spot where getting in and out of the vehicle could result in dents to your car or the car beside it.

Ford also revealed that the same Focus unit is also equipped with its obstacle avoidance system that alerts the driver if it detects slow-moving objects, stationary obstacles or pedestrians ahead. If the driver fails to steer or brake following the warnings, the system automatically steers and brakes to avoid a collision.

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\"The future for Ford means developing innovative products and technologies--including fully assisted parking aid and obstacle avoidance--that help deliver a safer, more convenient, more desirable, more personalized and greener driving and ownership experience,\" said Ford Europe\'s product development vice president Barb Samardzich.

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Like the active park assist technology on today\'s Focus, it\'s only a matter of time before we see these features on Ford\'s production cars.

 It\'s just its bad luck that BYD beat it to the \"remote-control your car\" gimmick.


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