New Samsung technology lets you read smartphone data on your windshield

Pretty much like heads-up display
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Mar 29, 2016

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The reality is that many of us feel a tad incomplete when we are away from our mobile devices even for a few minutes. And this includes the time we spend on the road.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that fiddling with your phone while behind the wheel of a moving car can cause serious road mishaps. Texting, for instance, takes our attention away from the road. This in turn increases reaction times in critical conditions. Thus, many carmakers have devised ways to make the smartphone a part of the car via interfaces like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These essentially allow drivers to control their phone through tiller-mounted controls, thus eliminating the need to take their hands off the wheel.

While this is all good, the driver still needs to take his or her eyes off the road and focus on a screen on the dashboard. To solve this small yet significant problem, Samsung has invented the Smart Windshield. First seen on a motorcycle, the prototype features a screen that works pretty much like your typical heads-up display. The difference here is that this one is linked directly to the rider’s smartphone.

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Once hooked up, the driver can view information such as GPS mapping, call and text information, and other pertinent data. When a person receives a text, for instance, this can be viewed on the screen, awaiting whether or not the driver will stop to respond to the message. Viewing maps practically means simply looking ahead. It’s that simple and safe.

And that’s exactly what this technology hopes to achieve. It is designed to help us maximize the use of our beloved phones, yet still remain safe and responsible motorists. Now, the only question is: When will this come to market? And will Apple come up with a similar system?

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