Traveling with toddlers is made safer with the Volvo Excellence Child Seat

Another innovative safety feature
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Jul 7, 2015

Volvo Excellence Child Seat Concept

We all know that the one thing that sets Volvo apart from the rest of the auto industry is its attention to safety. Sure, most carmakers have airbags and seatbelts, as well as other safety gear. But somehow, Volvo is just one step ahead of everyone else.

Take this latest concept, the Excellence Child Seat. Using the recently unveiled XC90 Excellence concept shown at the Shanghai Auto Show a few months back, Volvo engineers found a way to make life on the road a lot safer (not to mention more convenient) for young parents and their little bundle of joy.

With the next-generation XC90 Excellence and Lounge Console concept vehicle, it will be recalled that the front seat was removed to free up space and to give acres of legroom to rear-seat occupants. But while most other carmakers might leave a gaping hole, the Swedish automaker used the space to make traveling a lot safer. Being a pioneer in safety, they mounted a child seat where kids can be strapped in securely.

But this child seat isn’t just any old rickety perch to secure a cranky baby in. This is the Excellence Child Seat, which makes life a lot more comfortable for parents and infant alike while on the road. It can be swiveled counterclockwise to help put children in place, or get them out of the car a lot easier. Once secured, the seat lets the baby sit in a rearward-facing position--the best way to travel for kids up to four years of age, according to Volvo. This will help protect them better during a crash.

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Apart from the rearward-facing position, the seat allows children to sit properly, or even rest their head or sleep soundly. Since they still don’t have very strong neck muscles, the seat gives this part of their body all the support it needs. Plus, the location allows the children to make eye contact with their parents while the latter are either driving or in the backseat. This makes toddlers feel more secure while traveling. Volvo also placed a lot of storage spaces for small yet necessary items like diapers, wipes, blankets and even baby toys.

All of this may just be a concept as of press time. Yet, knowing how Volvo does things, you can expect to see this in its vehicles very soon. Hopefully, this will help the brand achieve its goal of making life safer on the road--no matter how old you are. You’re never too young to think about safety, after all.


Volvo Excellence Child Seat Concept

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