Watch: The Ford F-150 Raptor's shocks are remarkable

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by Gerard Jude Castillo | Aug 18, 2016

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We’ve featured quite a few stories about the new Ford F-150 Raptor, and we still can’t believe how this rig will go over practically any surface. And it makes pickups like its already tough-looking Ranger Wildtrak cousin seem a tad soft.

Part of the credit goes to the all-conquering Terrain Management System. The six-mode selector, combined with the specially designed BFGoodrich tires, make for one tough traveler. But there is actually one more crucial part of the Raptor: the shock absorbers.

Developed together with FOX, these shocks are specifically designed to exhibit long suspension travel, yet provide a comfortable ride on any road surface. The long travel setup—pegged at 330mm up front and 353mm out back—offers around 50mm more movement than the standard F-150 shocks. This translates to less bottoming out on any given terrain.

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Moreover, the FOX shocks feature a base valve piston that results in lower gas pressure. It also boasts of a front and rear bypass system and hydraulic bump stops for a smoother ride; something unheard of in what is essentially an off-road truck.

The combination of livable suspension and rough-and-tough shock absorber articulation are useful to make the new Ford F-150 Raptor usable on the daily commute. More important, they make it truly capable of going just about anywhere when the call of the wild hits the driver. Remember the Baja Desert?

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While most owners may not necessarily take their Raptor this far, it’s nice to know that they can. As for us, we’ll just have to content ourselves with watching the short video until—and we’re sure you’ve heard this before—Ford Philippines finally decides to import a few units.

PHOTO: Ford Motor Company
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