Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Toyota reveals all-new Yaris for Europe

Toyota has revealed what the next-generation European-market Yaris looks like, just days after the Japanese carmaker showed off the next-generation Hilux in the same market.

According to Toyota, the all-new Yaris builds on the strengths of the current model--it's roomy, durable and versatile while boasting a more dynamic design and improved quality.

The next-generation Yaris will be offered in Europe with three different powertrains that are all equipped with Toyota Optimal Drive, which composed of a range of engineering and design technologies "help cut fuel consumption and emissions without harming power and torque levels" when combined with weight-saving measures and dynamic improvements.

A three-cylinder, 1.0-liter engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission, allowing it to produce 68hp and 93Nm of torque with a fuel consumption of just 25.041 kilometers per liter.

For the 1.33-liter variant that's paired to a Multidrive S transmission, power output is at 98hp and 125Nm of torque with a fuel consumption of only 24.021 kilometers per liter. The Multidrive S, which is Toyota's latest continuously variable transmission (CVT), features a manual override, sequential seven-step mode that the driver can operate using either the gearshift lever or paddle shifts on the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, the 1.4-liter turbodiesel variant paired to a six-speed manual transmission churns out 89hp and 205Nm of torque while running 30.780 kilometers on a liter of diesel.

Deliveries of the next-generation Yaris to customers in Europe is expected to start by September. We can only hope that we'll get it around the same time as well--hopefully with the same choice of powetrains like the European-market model.

Last June, Toyota's Budapest subsidiary leaked on its Facebook page a photo of the next-generation Yaris.

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