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Three traffic officials from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) are about to be dismissed due to bribery.

Video footage taken by the MMDA Task Force Honest Team showed that Ricky Cureg, Giovani Molina and Philip Roberto, members of the Edsa Traffic Enforcement Unit, have been receiving bribe money of P20 from bus drivers in the Edsa-Shaw Boulevard intersection. The "fee" gives bus drivers more time to park and wait for passengers, thereby turning the Crossing-Ibabaw service road into a bottleneck.

The investigation from June 20 to 25 was prompted by numerous reports of extortion activities in the area, the MMDA said.

"Extorting or receiving bribe money is a very serious offense that deserves no amount of leniency. The MMDA has been in the forefront of promoting honesty and hard work in government service, so we have no room for this kind of traffic enforcers," MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando said in a statement.

Meanwhile, three more traffic enforcers are face administrative charges also due to bribery.

MMDA legal service chief Emmanuel de Castro said Bernardo Laroco, Antonio Ibanes and Mario Bumagat were caught receiving money from PUV drivers along Marcos Highway on Santolan road in Marikina.

"We will never stop going after these mulcting personnel because they paint a bad image of the agency. We will never tolerate these illegal activities," de Castro said.

Learn more about the MMDA's efforts to ease traffic in MMDA plans to put more concrete barriers on EDSA or read about the Chief's opinion on bribery in his latest All Will Drive column.

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