Volkswagen developing next-generation engine technology

How does a 10-speed dual-clutch gearbox sound?
May 2, 2013


Volkswagen has revealed that it is currently developing a 10-speed dual-clutch transmission and a high-performance diesel engine as part of the European Union\'s call to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 95g per kilometer by 2020.

According to Volkswagen board chairman Martin Winterkorn, the design parameter of the diesel engine is for it to deliver 134hp per liter of displacement, while the 10-speed dual clutch is to further reduce fuel consumption.

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\"Since the year 2000, we\'ve reduced the fuel consumption of our TDI and TSI engines by more than 30 percent,\" said Winterkorn at the 34th Vienna Motor Symposium. \"I’m convinced that by 2020, we can achieve further increases in efficiency of around 15%.\"

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