Winners of the Toyota 86 motorcade photo contest

Sightings of the much-awaited sports coupe
May 31, 2012

Last weekend, Toyota Motor Philippines held a "Sightings Motorcade" for the 86 sports coupe all over Metro Manila. Then we asked you to take photos of the cars should you chance upon the motorcade. The three best photos, we said, would win a camera bag each from TMP. Well, because Toyota is feeling generous these days, the number of winners has been bumped up to five.

Here, then, are the five (5) winners, followed by the five runners-up. We shall notify each winner via e-mail for instructions on how to claim the prize from Toyota. Thank you to all those who sent an entry.


Winner #1: Robert Bernard Gualberto

Robert Bernard Gualberto

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Winner #2: Martin Ebueng

Martin Ebueng

Winner #3: Richard Umlas

Richard Umlas

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Winner #4: Juanito Tiu

Juanito Tiu

Winner #5: Harwyn Uy

Harwyn Uy

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Congratulations to the five winners! Meanwhile, below are the five best photos from the rest of the entries. Runners-up, we call them. They get no prize but their photos need to be cited at the very least.


Runner-up: Rico Soriano

Rico Soriano

Runner-up: Christopher Ang

Christopher Ang

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Runner-up: Emmanuel Bernabe

Emmanuel Bernabe

Runner-up: John Raphael Kiunisala

John Raphael Kiunisala

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Runner-up: Rem Cabangon

Rem Cabangon

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