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Armored vehicles, a massive Chinese limo, and a load of classic supercars
And you can have it in practically any body style or color you want
Meet the etch-a-sketch supercar, yours from upwards of $65,000 (around P3.29 million). It's called the Zedro Notorious, and its makers offer almost limitless customization options and designs.Like, literally everything. Hell, if you don't like the
Limited to 99 units
It's important to set out your stall when competing in the increasingly crowded hypercar space. Build something that's really fast. Limit its production. Make it look suitably wild.And thus, a new hopeful enters said hypercar space in the shape
Do you believe the hype?
No, that's not a typo. A hypercar with that many zeroes on its spec sheet actually exists. Pictured above is the Devel Sixteen, a hypercar made by some big dreams and imaginations from Dubai. It sports a quad-turbo, 12.3-
Displays cop car at Dubai International Motor Show
This year, we\'ve seen online photos of over-the-top police cars in Dubai, including a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. We don\'t really know if those cars really see action, or if they\'re just for promotional purposes. Still, it
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