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Does it deserve the title?
You all know the term "supercar." It means an automobile so high-tech, so powerful and so expensive that only a handful lucky owners ever get to park one in their garage. Examples are the LFA, the 458 Italia and the Aventador.
Are you ready for it?
New British luxury carmaker Eterniti has finally revealed its very first product, which it calls as the world's first super-SUV: the Hemera.According to Eterniti, the Hemera that's on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show "closely reflects the final
The world's first Super-SUV!
It looks like Eterniti Motors couldn't wait for the Frankfurt Motor Show to open its doors next week as just days after giving us a teaser photo of its very first product as seen from the top, it's now giving
To give Range Rover a run for its money?
A new British car company is set for a double debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show as the event will not only be the carmaker's official public debut, it will also reveal its first car which it calls a "Super-SUV".
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