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The ‘LM’ stands for Le Mans
And just like that, it's gone: after six years and a (revised) total of 1,350 cars, we've finally come to the last 20 Ford GTs, otherwise known as the 'familiar road car badge with a race car attached to
The last of the special editions
This is the Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition, the last of the special-edition Ford GTs released that celebrate various GT40 racing successes. This one celebrates the best-Ford's famous one-two-three win at the 1966 24 Hours of
It’s quite magnificent
Something else to go have a poke around if you're in Northern California for Monterey Car Week, you lucky thing. It's the Ford GT '64 Prototype Heritage Edition and it is... quite magnificent.As its name suggests, this particular Ford
It has done just 328km
Must be nice seeing a car you've designed come to life. Especially when it's, oh, you know, a manufacturer's flagship model. Only natural you'd want to own one, too, right?Moray Callum, designer of the second-gen Ford
It’s currently up for auction, and the current bid is at P15 million
Check out this 2005 Ford GT-it's one of only 2,022 produced for the specific model year. It's not exactly the rarest of unicorns, is it? Probably. Still, there's one thing here that definitely piqued our interest: This
A fitting tribute to a golden era
The Ford GT40 was already a winner by the time it arrived at the Circuit de la Sarthe for the 1966 staging of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its first win at a 24-hour endurance race came a few months
Who would have thought?
If you had to sum up a Huracan in a sentence, you could do worse than 'an Audi R8 made pointier and more impractical in every single way.' The Lambo takes the same ingredients and mixes in worse visibility, a less user-
Thankfully, only three will be built
Since it was launched in 2017, the Ford GT has mostly escaped the attention of companies like Mansory. But alas, its good luck has run out. Now the notorious tuner has finally somehow got its hands on one of Ford's tremendous
It’s one of only two surviving units
Here's another auction to keep an eye on-if you're a taipan or captain of industry, at least.This is one of only two surviving units of Ford Advanced Vehicles' GT Competition Prototype Roadster, and it could sell for up
Drifting porn
Top Gear UK has apparently spent the past couple of months combing through the Chris Harris Drives archives, so they decided to stitch all their favorite bits into one awesome video. Imagine all your dream rides drifting and sliding in one ten-
That’s the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost powertrain also found in the Ford GT
You may have not heard about this, but the Ford Ranger has seen quite a lot of success as a full-fledged rally truck, specifically in the South African Country Cross Series (SACCS).For the last two years, the Ford Castrol Cross
It also gets a tiny bit more horsepower
Happily, the upgraded 2020 Ford GT doesn't look any different from the car that went on sale back in 2017. Besides its total lack of paintwork.You can still have your GT in whatever hue you fancy (or the blue/orange '
They were either jaw-dropping or facepalm-inducing
In 2011, Ferrari followed up its line of elegant two-door four-seater GT cars with the FF. And the world couldn't believe its eyes. A hatchback. A hatchback with four-wheel drive. A 4x4 hatchback with a V12 developing 651hp.
This could be a lifesaver in emergency situations
If you're out on a camping trip and need to start a fire, here are some ways your car can help you do that. Note: Only try these methods if an easier way to create a fire (for instance, using a
How much would any of these sell for?
Keen readers of might recognize this car. The Zonda Aether is such a special one-off that we decided it warranted a whole article to itself.Click these blue words to read all about it, or even to just sit
The near-new supercar is up for sale
The Ford GT you see above is an achingly beautiful, fully-optioned monster of a supercar. We absolutely adore it, but it also makes our blood boil.That's because this particular example has covered just 11.7 miles (around 18.8
Serious driving skills required behind the wheel
Welcome, everyone, to the Ford GT Mk II. Revealed today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it's a track-only supercar "engineered independently of race series rules, regulations and limitations". Ford will build 45 of these things, and charge $1.2
It comes out in November 2019
The hype is real.Ford v. Ferrari's first trailer has just dropped, and it's every bit as good as you'd expect from a production featuring Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the lead roles, and James Mangold (Logan, Walk
The Le Mans 24 Hours celebrates the anniversary of Ford’s first Le Mans victory
Next month, the Ford GT will race at its final Le Mans 24 Hours. A program launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford's original Le Mans victory will close after four years.It's going out on a high, too,
Complex and beautiful
Sort of. HRE Wheels has revealed this second iteration of its lightly astonishing 3D printed titanium wheel, because it showed the first one back in November last year. Long story short, it's still astonishing.HRE has partnered up with GE Additive
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