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Food, culture, and three million Apaches
India, at least according to Bollywood, is a country of rich culture, catchy music, infectious dancing, and colorful clothes. According to Hollywood, it's where a boy competing on a TV game show struggled to remember the name of the third musketeer.
Will you go for an easy or brutal riding experience?
Is it logical for an individual to own two identical motorbikes from one brand? Take the case of cruiser fanatic George H. who owns two Indian Scouts-a Sixty and now, a new Bobber. This building design consultant who has clients from
Cruisers never die
Do cruiser bikes turn you on? They're long, heavy, full of chrome, and mostly too loud. Their low seating position and short suspension travel are said to cause backaches or leg cramps. Some think their old school layout is only good
The Indian motorcycles have arrived!
After several months of feeling the pulse of the local market, Indian motorcycle maker TVS partnered with the country's biggest motorbike dealership and finally made public its four exciting motorbikes that promise not only competitive pricing but world-class quality as
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