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It’s a rite of passage at this point
Another visiting international celebrity, another requisite jeepney shot.Instagram posts featuring the most maligned-er, most iconic-set of wheels to ever grace Philippine roads have become a rite of passage for visiting stars at this point-obligatory, even. This time, it'
We can see it already
There's been a lot of speculation lately about the possibility of Idris Elba taking over as James Bond when Daniel Craig finally hangs up the suit for good. Now, a lot of the hooplah surrounding the rumors revolves around things other
His Instagram is worth a look
When it comes to social media, we at Top Gear Philippines are simple folk: We see a nice car, motorcycle or stretch of road on Instagram or Facebook, we press like. We know a feed worth following when we see one, and
Hassle is an understatement
Damn, what a week it's been. We knew it was going to be bad, especially considering all the road work being implemented and the impending arrival of a several storms, but what a week.If you stepped out of your house
Get well soon big guy
Bad news: So it looks like Marc Pingris will be out of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) for a significant amount of time after injuring his ACL earlier this week. What a bummer.And we're not just saying that because he'
"You never have to work again!"
Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell may only be beginning to find his place in the NBA, but it's good to see his heart is set right where it's supposed to be.The first-year shooting guard out of Louisville and
Level up your IG game
Okay, so you're a gearhead with a smartphone. You're always finding yourself in situations where you're exposed to all kinds of interesting vehicles, whether they be cars, trucks or motorcycles. If you've been planning to put up an
Double tap away
Tap-worthy automotive Instagram accounts have grown relatively few and far between since the platform's inception. For every carefully curated collection, there's one or two packed with ads, sponsored posts, lame memes and (gasp!) stolen photos. Blech.If you're
We like her taste
Pia Wurtzbach is once again drawing attention from the car community. This time, you might be glad to know that this has nothing to do with Marlon Stockinger.Apparently, she's been driving around in an "old pre-loved car" for years.
We're in love
Two weeks ago, we published a story on a potential racing career for former Miss Universe and national sweetheart Pia Wurtzbach. We were kidding, of course-selfies in racing helmets aren't much to read into. But the Filipina beauty queen's
Marlon better watch out
It's been a fun ride, but Pia Wurtzbach's reign as Miss Universe has finally come to an end. The Filipina beauty queen and 64th Miss Universe passed on the symbolic gem-studded crown to Miss France Iris Mittenaere, and by
Post your own pics and win prizes
If you meet a car enthusiast, chances are he'll have a nice watch on his wrist as well. And we don't necessarily mean an expensive watch. Some of the most ardent gearheads have Casio G-Shocks and Seikos on their
See how your favorite brand fares
BMW cars are the most posted rides on Instagram among US residents. This is according to a recently concluded study by Auto Insurance Center, an American firm specializing in, well, car insurance. The study shows that the German car manufacturer tops all
Which limited-edition car is it?
We all know American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is a douchebag rich man, and as such he can very well afford to do things only douchebags wealthy guys can do. Like buy stupendously expensive supercars hypercars on a whim and then brag
Collected from Instagram
The phrase "like a boss" suits cats perfectly. While they also share our homes and cars (as do pet dogs), felines should be given affection only when they demand it--and in the right amount that they want. Over-pet them and
Happily collected from Instagram
Because we have a highly competent government agency that distributes driver's licenses like condominium flyers, our roads are as safe as a jungle with a chock-full of venomous snakes. You have to be a defensive driver to survive the wild.
Cars and the visual social media
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Cars and the visual social media
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Watch our fun road trip to Batangas
If you're into diving (or thinking about getting into this water activity), you might want to consider visiting this place called La Chevrerie Resort and Spa in Anilao, Batangas. Our road-trip destination this month, La Chevrerie literally means "the goat'
You be the judge
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