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‘Wala kayo sa gobyerno ko…’
Well, here's an interesting piece of news to liven up the start of your week. Instead of cracking down on illegal drag racers, the Malaysian government actually plans to promote motorsports by building drag racing circuits all across the country.According
Could the same be said about our situation here in Metro Manila?
Malaysia's public transport system is something that's been talked about a lot. Its first bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the BRT Sunway Line, is said to be Asia's first electric BRT system, and people raved about it when it
That’s how you put all six wheels to good use
Overspec'd trucks with raised suspensions, extra wheels, and heavily tuned engines can feel a tad too excessive at times. But during natural calamities, these exotic machines can actually come in handy.Take a look at this Brabus G700 6x6-according to
The carmaker has big plans for the region
If Porsche's latest plans pan out, your next unit from the German carmaker might be sourced from somewhere much closer than Europe.In a statement, the brand bared that is ready to bring its assembly operations to Southeast Asia, starting with
Yay or nay?
The Ford Ranger Raptor is already a massive step up from any of the American car manufacturer's other ASEAN-market pickups. It gets a significantly beefier look compared to the regular Ranger, and gets a more capable suspension setup, too. But
Our kind of love story
How far would you drive to get married? You know what, let us rephrase that question: How many kilometers would you be willing to pile onto your most beloved ride to tie the knot? A little harder to answer now, isn't
A very capable SUV
The all-new Porsche Cayenne has been launched for the Asia Pacific region, and we were at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia to witness its introduction. But what's the significance of getting to know an SUV around a racetrack? The
Yabba dabba doo!
Who didn't dream about sliding down a dinosaur's tail straight into a feet-propelled car when they were growing up? Though The Flinstones' original run ended in the '60s, endless reruns throughout the decades ensured that future generations grew up
An epic road trip riding Honda big bikes
Selamat!If you're a Filipino hearing this Malaysian word for the first time, you'd probably think you already pulled something nice and you deserve some gratitude.Not quite true. 'Selamat' is actually a traditional Malaysian greeting that sounds almost identical
Mazda PH shows us the factory
Did you know that the second-generation Mazda CX-5 was only launched in Malaysia recently? That's a full six months since the compact crossover arrived in our market at this year's Manila International Auto Show last March.But there'
After 19 years
If you were hoping to catch some Formula 1 action in nearby Malaysia, this year is your last chance. The folks at the Sepang International Circuit have announced that the 2017 season will be the last for the Malaysian Grand Prix.The
A qualifier for Malaysia
Talented Filipino off-roaders and weekend warriors will get a new avenue to compete in and shine this year. The Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Global Series launched the Philippine leg of its competition at the recently concluded 2017 Manila International Auto Show. RFC
From Iceman to Fireman
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Formula 1 is in Malaysia this weekend for the 16th race of the 2016 season, but before getting back into the cockpit of his
Join Michelin Pilot Sport Experience contest
If you think about it, track days are hot, noisy, uncomfortable experiences. The weather is sweltering, especially in Malaysia, and you're always thirsty. But when done well, track events are the best ways to experience a sports car, not to mention
Here's a Duterte motorcycle story
Rodrigo Roa Duterte is officially the country's 16th president. But for what it's worth, allow me to recall an experience with the man a few years ago that convinced me he should be the one to hold the top government
Which vehicle should represent PH?
If you've been to another Asian country lately and wondered why your Facebook and Instagram posts were so painless while you were there, wonder no more: It's because the Internet speed there is way faster than the pathetic connectivity rate
With 1.8- and 2.0-liter engines
Toyota Malaysia has revealed its local-market specs for the upcoming, next-generation Corolla Altis. While the specs list may not be exactly the same as what we\'ll be getting when the car is launched by Toyota Motor Philippines in January
Here\'s how to win
Do you know what it\'s like to drive real race cars? Michelin Philippines is giving you the chance to experience just that. This August, you may watch and test-drive premium racing vehicles at the \"Michelin Pilot Experience\" on the Sepang
It's time to drop the me-first mentality
We're sure you've noticed the horrid traffic that has engulfed our streets recently, which we can surely attribute to the Christmas-shopping frenzy. You've also probably noticed that this horrendous rush has caused some vehicles to clog intersections in
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