Lazy marketing? Not when they make sense
The Nissan Cube was, once upon a time, the best-selling car in Japan. This is why we love Japanese car culture at Top Gear-they tend not to buy boring cars.The second-gen Cube really ran with the boxier-than-
The best car chase in years
When I was in high school at the turn of the century, the car geek in me was thrilled at the plethora of high-octane car chases that seemed to permeate all the action movies of the time. From the insane nitrous-
Mid-cycle update has us drooling
Now on its sixth iteration, Maserati's flagship sedan gets a subtle yet stylish refresh after three years on the market. The Quattroporte's original 2013 look receives nifty updates like a new front grille with active shutters that help reduce drag.
When you want the better things in life
The motto of my high school alma mater, Don Bosco Makati, is Meliora Eligo. In English, it means: "I choose the better things." I have always liked the aspirational tone of this saying. It's a creed I try to live up
Against today's rough motoring environment
In a simple media launch yesterday at the Autostrada Motore showroom, newly established Titan Motorwerks introduced its pilot products--DuraShield and XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film--for car owners who want to protect their automotive investments.Titan Motorwerks is the brainchild of
Only 22 months after inauguration
Maserati is once again in the news but for a totally different reason. Less than two years after the inauguration of the Italian carmaker's Giovanni Agnelli Plant in Grugliasco, Italy, it has already produced its 50,000th unit.The Giovanni Agnelli
Here's a quick guide
Car designs within automobile brands have become maddeningly similar lately. It's increasingly difficult to tell models apart. Before, we could tell at a glance what year, make and model a vehicle was; now, it's not that simple anymore. Truth be
Fastest four-door yet from Italian carmaker
Autostrada Motore, the authorized distributor of Maserati cars in the Philippines, today launched the all-new Quattroporte, the Italian carmaker\'s flagship model and its fastest four-door to date.\"The sixth-generation Quattroporte not only sets high technology standards, but also
To make public debut at Detroit Motor Show
Last month, Maserati announced that it would launch three new models that will give the Italian carmaker "a completely new scope to 50,000 units per year by 2015." Well, the first of the three new models has been launched by Maserati
Including a sport-utility vehicle
Maserati has revealed the three new models that will give the Italian carmaker "a completely new scope to 50,000 units per year by 2015."The first is the all-new Quattroporte, Maserati's full-size luxury sedan and, according to the
He gives costars expensive sports cars
I've always been a huge Adam Sandler fan. In fact, I saw one of his movies-The Wedding Singer-a ridiculous six times! Not on DVD. Not on TV. Not even on YouTube. I saw it six times on six different
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