Looks like the coupe/sedan form is here to stay
Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the new Mercedes-Benz CLS, the third generation of the genre-busting sedan/coupe, showing off Merc's svelte new design language.Yep, third generation. Remember how astonishing the first one was? Fair to say
A proper send-off
It's hard to believe that the current-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS is already five years old. It only seems like yesterday when the swoopy lines of the four-door coupe first entered the scene. In car years, however, five years is
Featuring new LED headlight technology
Mercedes-Benz has updated the CLS four-door coupe (or sedan, in other words) and shooting brake (or station wagon), giving both versions a new front section, upgraded interior, and a new multibeam LED headlight technology.Up front, the CLS gets a
Do you find this gimmick tasteful?
If owning a Mercedes-Benz to flaunt your wealth isn\'t enough for you, then this might be what you\'re looking for: the \"Illuminated Star.\"Calling it \"the ideal personal touch,\" the German carmaker explains that the Illuminated Star uses light
Just a week after the regular version came out
The paint on the recently launched CLS Shooting Brake hasn't figuratively dried yet, and now Mercedes-Benz has come out with a high-performance version of it in the CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake."After the successes of the CLS55 AMG and
A coupe wagon follows the coupe sedan
Mercedes-Benz has come out with a wagon version of its CLS executive sedan, labeling it "automotive independence at its most beautiful."Called the CLS Shooting Brake, it shares the same lines as the sedan, from the long, flowing hood to the
...with high-pressure washer
All the money in the world can't buy common sense. Just take the case of this man who cleaned his car with a high-pressure washer.We all know how good a high-pressure washer is in cleaning a car's
The coupe sedan evolves
Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the CLS Shooting Brake will finally go into production and go on sale by 2012, two years after its premier as a concept car at Auto China last April."The decision to build the CLS Shooting Brake
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