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Does it look familiar? You can probably guess which model it’s based on
But it’s far from the best small Benz out there
Yessirree. Or rather, ja genau. This is the three-pointed star's take on the formula. Mercedes-Benz uses the umbrella term EQ Power for its plug-in hybrids, and they get an e in the badge. This is the GLA 250e.
Interested in owning a Mercedes-Benz SUV?
Last month, Mercedes-Benz's official Philippine distributor Auto Nation Group (ANG) launched the all-new GLB-a luxury alternative to the traditional seven-seater SUV. Now, the company is following this up by introducing something a little less family-oriented.This
The AMG badge has permeated almost every Mercedes model
Yup, AMG remains determined to put chilli up the chuff of pretty much every Mercedes-Benz model. Although not every one. They've realized that a 400hp+ track-ready version of the B-Class minivan isn't really a thing that'd
Benz played it safe with the design
The VW Group isn't the only one spinning a million and one cars off a single platform. In the last couple of years, Mercedes-Benz has derived no fewer than seven different cars from the latest A-Class's underpinnings, all
It makes up to 415hp in top-spec S form
In case you haven't checked your watch recently, it's Geneva International Motor Show o'clock. Which means every manufacturer is whipping the covers off its latest wares, vying for your attention, tweets, likes, and shares. Well, to be honest, Mercedes-
Benz's compact-car lineup is getting bigger
Mercedes-Benz proudly states that this-the new GLA-is the eighth different model to join the company's compact-car lineup. Eight different compact cars. The first example of the jacked-up A-Class breed was a resounding success, though, so
A good starter 'Chedeng'
The rain and Friday traffic may have been in full force, but they didn't stop the festivities for Mercedes-Benz Philippines. The German carmaker launched the new GLA with a ritzy display at the Greenbelt Fashion Walk last week. With #GrowUpPH
Meet the GLA
The luxury segment is getting more and more competitive by the day, as evidenced by this latest unveiling from Mercedes-Benz. The German carmaker has revealed the Concept GLA for the Shanghai Auto Show, and proves its serious intent to do battle
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