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Specifically built for the light commercial truck segment
For small and midsize passenger cars
Michelin Philippines recently launched its new Energy XM2+ line of tires. Marketed with the tagline 'Your Stopping Superpower,' the new product is geared toward young, budget-minded consumers who value safety and longevity in tires for small and midsize passenger cars.The
Premium motorcycle tire brands are now targeting PH market
Did Michelin save the best for last? If we were to size up the marketing strategy of one of the world's leading tire brands, we would say that launching more new products for small displacement motorbikes in the Asia-Oceania region
This eliminates the trouble of changing flats
Though funky-looking airless tires have been around for a while-Michelin has been developing them since 2005-none have yet been fitted to a regular road car available to the masses.But apparently, that's all going to change in 2024,
'Safe when new, safe when worn'
Michelin Philippines has just launched its new Primacy 4 range. With the slogan 'Safe when new, safe when worn,' the tiremaker promises "lasting safety and excellent performance" throughout the product's life cycle.The engineering behind the new tire,
His job? Saving companies from financial ruin
Carlos Ghosn once said: "Business is tough-you need tough guys." Without his toughness, companies like Renault and Nissan may have already ceased to exist.Just last year, he stepped down from his position as chief executive officer at Nissan. He stays
For on- and off-road use
Tires can be really expensive, especially when you drive a big vehicle. If you use your SUV or pickup for more than one purpose, it gets even more difficult because you might need to invest in more than one set of rubber.
Just in time for summer
BFGoodrich has launched two new tire models in the Philippine market. The American tiremaker, which has been in the industry for over a century, recently brought in its Advantage T/A Drive and T/A SUV tire lineups to provide customers with
To educate customers on tire aging
A big part of road safety is making sure that your car's tires are fit to run. Like fruit, tires have a limited shelf life before they need to be thrown out. Unlike a banana though, a tire's health isn'
Join Michelin Pilot Sport Experience contest
If you think about it, track days are hot, noisy, uncomfortable experiences. The weather is sweltering, especially in Malaysia, and you're always thirsty. But when done well, track events are the best ways to experience a sports car, not to mention
Specifically made for Southeast Asia
The Southeast Asian region loves SUVs. Last year, about 19% of new cars sold in this part of the globe are sport-utility vehicles. In the Philippine market, this figure is much bigger: 30% of vehicles that rolled out of showrooms last
Better be safe than flat
Tires shouldn't be complicated. It doesn't take a mechanic to figure out when your vehicle is in need of a proper tire replacement. It's more a matter of not taking your tires for granted--you've got to keep
After winning Rallye Deutschland with Hyundai
Although the 2014 Rallye Deutschland saw the Hyundai World Rally Team win its first World Rally Championship round with Michelin as its tire supplier, the French tiremaker is reportedly introducing a new tire for the next tarmac rally, which will be the
Effective June 2014
Special cars need special tires, and according to Michelin Philippines chief representative Michael Nunag, effective June 2014, all Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar cars "will be fitted with 245/35 R20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport ultra-high-performance tires."The Polestar-engineered
Promo good until March 31
If your tires need replacing, now may be the best time to do it. A single-receipt purchase of any Michelin passenger car or light truck tires (same pattern and size) gives consumers preloaded fuel cards that can be used at selectPetron
To see action in 24 Hours of Le Mans
In 2012, Michelin unveiled its hybrid slick intermediate tire for the LMP1 cars that competed in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. According to the French tiremaker, the tire allows drivers to "continue racing slicks in wet or damp
For the event's run in Manila
As the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia kicks off this weekend at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, the petroleum company is being joined by Michelin as the event's official global paddock partner and tire supplier."Michelin and Shell share the same
Despite the car already being out of production
The Porsche Carrera GT has been officially out of production in the last seven years, but that hasn\'t stopped Michelin from producing tires for the German supercar, with the new Pilot Super Sport tire being designed to replace the car\'s
To set new benchmark in safety, silence and comfort
Michelin Philippines has brought into the country its latest tire which it claims will set new benchmarks \"in motoring safety, silence and comfort.\" The tire is the new Michelin Primacy 3 ST.Designed and developed exclusively for the Asia-Pacific region\'s
More aggressive involvement in auto racing
Michelin has been selected as tire supplier of the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series. Michelin four-wheel motorsport program director Serge Grisin and Asian Endurance Operating Company Limited managing director Mark Thomas have inked the deal. (Asian Endurance is the licensee of
We test it in Thailand
French tiremaker Michelin recently took us to a destination in Khao Yai in Thailand, two hours away from Bangkok, where it\'s peaceful and relaxing. It\'s the same energy the tire company wants to evoke with its new tire specifically designed
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