A good number of these gems are being auctioned off
Fan of Porsches? So are we. Now, if you fancy these German sports cars like we do, then we're sharing with you a must-see for all Porsche fans: The Leonard Collection.The Leonard Collection is easily one of the most
Now’s your chance to own one
Safari-style Porsches are nothing new. In fact, we've featured quite a few of them on Top Gear Philippines already. Rugged, versatile, and packing performance only Stuttgart can deliver, it's not hard to envision why countless enthusiasts consider these babies
How you doin’?
Those who grew up in the '90s can probably still relate to the characters of Friends even today. While some of the references and humor are dated, struggling to navigate young adulthood with your best friends happens to all of us. Personally,
How much would any of these sell for?
Keen readers of TopGear.com might recognize this car. The Zonda Aether is such a special one-off that we decided it warranted a whole article to itself.Click these blue words to read all about it, or even to just sit
It's almost unfair on the rivals
Well, it is and it isn't. It's the new £83,000 (around P5.26 million) 992-gen Carrera, the car which will forever be called the 'non-S' instead.So, it's still a 911. It's still got a
“To drive, it just feels like logical evolution of the 991”
Yep, you're correct-it doesn't look much different from the last one. Which itself was quite clearly related to the one before it, and now you come to mention it, wasn't dissimilar to the one before that.There were
The 992-generation 911 is almost here
Thank emissions and consumption regulations for that. There's now piezo injection, an all-new intake system, an exhaust with a particulate filter, re-positioned intercooling, revised turbo housings, and more. It's all gathered around much the same 3.0-liter
Not your typical mid-cycle refresh
Like most cars, the Porsche 911 goes through a mid-cycle refresh. This usually includes minor tweaks to the exterior and the interior, as well as updates to the transmission. The changes to the 991 Carrera range, however, are much more than
Farewell, natural aspiration
There was once a time when having a force-fed motor under the hood of a Porsche immediately implied it was a 911 Turbo. From the air-cooled motors to the new water-cooled mills, a turbocharger has been an integral fixture
Drool, dude...drool
Porsche is commemorating the 60th anniversary of what it calls "the largest Porsche club organization in the world"--Porsche Club of America--with a limited-production run of the 911 Carrera GTS-based Club Coupe.Known as the GTS Club Coupe, the
The middle child in the 911 family
For most people, the Porsche 911 Carrera is more than enough car. It has 350hp, and a sprint time of 4.8 seconds from zero to 100kph will make all but the most jaded speed junkies excited. On the other end of
See the work of social-media art
Porsche has created a special 911 Carrera 4S model that follows the configuration put forth by its Facebook followers to celebrate the five million likes the German carmaker\'s page on the social network has collected.As part of the 911\'s
See if you like it
The all-new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet became officially available just last March, but German tuner Gemballa has already come up with its take on the car, which it calls the Gemballa GT.The car is basically a visual makeover of the
Only 13 units to be made
Porsche is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the very first clubs dedicated to its vehicles by unveiling a very limited-edition model of its most iconic nameplate.In honor of the 13 founding members of the first two Porsche
Available in March 2012
Just three months after the debut of the all-new 911, Porsche has revealed the open-top models in the 911 Carrera and the 911 Carrera S.According to Porsche, the cabriolet retains the hard-top 911's roofline, thanks to the
All-new car, same old classic look
Porsche has finally unveiled the all-new 911, which will make its official public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.Though it still bears the classic 911 look, the all-new 911 Carrera has been completely redesigned, starting with the
Does the world really need another 911 variant?
Porsche can't seem to get enough of the 911 as the German carmaker has again launched two variants that will expand its Carrera model lineup. It has slapped an all-wheel drivetrain to the 911 Carrera GTS to come up with
Only 1,911 units to be released
Porsche continues to milk the 911 nameplate for all its worth by coming up with a special edition model that's limited to only 1,911 units while costing exactly as much as the Carrera models it is based on.Called the
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