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In the end, it’ll still be you—the licensed rider—at fault, anyway
No matter what happens, passengers' lives will always be in the hands of the person operating the vehicle, whether it's a two-wheeled motorcycle or a four-wheeled car. However, it's also the responsibility of the driver or the rider
A pretty bizarre but funny encounter
There are only two kinds of sabaw in this world: sabaw because you've been doing too much work or sabaw because it's a Monday and thus your brain refuses to start working.A commuter that goes by the name of
Powered by Grab
The motocycle taxi competition is heating up, thanks to a primordial need for better transport solutions in Metro Manila. Move It, a relatively new motorcycle taxi provider, has recently launched its upgraded mobile app. In collaboration with Grab's advanced technology, Move
To help keep all of us safe on the road
Despite the countless pushbacks, motorcycle-taxis will most likely be here to stay. And it's probably for the better. These transport services allow commuters to get from point A to B at a much quicker pace and while charging significantly lower
Have you experienced getting overcharged recently? Well, you’re not alone
Any motorcycle-taxi regulars here? Have you experienced getting overcharged by your rider recently? If so, it seems you're not alone. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has reportedly received complaints from commuters about this.The agency supposedly received complaints about"motorcycle
A National Heroes Day tribute for all the sacrifices these riders make
Way to celebrate National Heroes Day, Angkas. The motorcycle-taxi service provider has announced that all of its riders will get 100% of the fares for all trips booked on Monday, August 29."Angkas takes 0% commission on National Heroes Day," the
One of the weirdest videos we’ve seen in a while
Motorcycle-taxi service provider Angkas has grown quite the reputation in cyberspace over the years, mostly because of its witty social media team. From catchy jingles to funny marketing gigs, we've basically seen it all from Angkas.Or so we thought.
Round 2 is this weekend
It goes without saying that racing should take place on the track and not public roads. That said, booking a proper setting is easier said than done, so opportunities like the Angkas Dream Cup should be taken full advantage of.Round 2
Take note of these important changes under Alert Level 1
The government has begun loosening up restrictions on public transportation under Alert Level 1. And in addition to PUVs being allowed to operate at maximum capacity, there's now a new announcement that commuters should take note: The use of backriding shields
The DOE also presented its Seal of Excellence to three Shell stations
Remember when the Department of Energy (DOE) collaborated with Angkas riders to properly monitor fuel prices around Metro Manila? The agency, together with Pilipinas Shell, has now recognized 20 individuals for their exemplary performance while participating in the program.This program ran
Motorcycle taxis take a step closer to full legalization
The Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has formally submitted a report on the motorcycle-taxi pilot run to the House Committee on Transportation. It will be the basis for the filing of a substitute bill to legalize
In case going out really isn’t an option
In need of a quick COVID-19 RT-PCR test? If leaving your home to get tested isn't an option, Angkas might be able to help with your dilemma.The motorcycle-taxi service provider is currently offering home-service saliva RT-
The riders will also evaluate stations’ facilities and quality of service
Starting July 12, Angkas riders will report real-time fuel prices to the Department of Energy (DOE). Recently, the officials of the two organizations agreed to launch a collaborative program to help the DOE monitor retail pump prices. This program was established
Just like that, we’re about to start the fourth week of April
A lawmaker has made this suggestion
This week, the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) technical working group in charge of overseeing the motorcycle-taxi pilot run one again conducted a virtual meeting and consultation with stakeholders to discuss the ongoing trial operations of three motorcycle-taxi companies in
Having a hard time booking deliveries lately?
In case you are having a hard time booking your deliveries, a new on-demand delivery service app has joined the market to help meet the growing demand. Amigo is the latest product by Project Move, Inc. and it connects customers to
It’s been a very, very long year
You've probably heard this dozens of times before already, but we'll say it again: It's been a long year. A lot of things happened throughout the course of 2020, from the beginning of January right until these last few
The motorcycle-taxi company has been given a provisional authority to operate
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has issued Angkas a Provisional Authority to Operate under the extended motorcycle-taxi pilot run.According to a press statement, the development is "pending confirmation of compliance to pending operational requirements" set by the National Task Force
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