Cars that have grilles that look like mustaches
The new entry-level Roller is supposed to be a less ostentatious-looking uber-luxury barge, to keep in step with 2020's changing attitudes. Extinction Rebellion is no doubt ordering seven as company pool cars. To give it that friendlier aesthetic,
Not surprisingly, there are no German cars
How could you say, "No, we're not putting the roof down, my ears are chilly" to that grinning, bug-eye face? All the elements that make a car cute are present here-round headlights, a cheery grille, a weeny footprint, and
Car birthdays are the best
The SLS GT3 was AMG's 45th birthday present to 'passionate performance enthusiasts and collectors.' Limited to only five units, said passionate performance enthusiasts also needed to have a healthy bit of wedge in their back pocket to get one-£360,000 (
Old is gold
Obviously, a retro car will suit retro wheels. We'll see that again later in a more... American application. But the same goes for a cutesy little Euro town car. The 1975 Edition pays tribute to the year the original Cinquecento launched,
The second-gen model will remain available for those who prefer gasoline power
It may be slightly tricky to tell at first glance, but this is actually it-the brand-new Fiat 500. Brace, Internet, brace.Whilst the looks may not be radically different, the powertrain certainly is. That's because this third-gen 500
There’s a 1:1 scale model, too
The Fiat 500 isn't exactly a household name around these parts-Italy's tiny four-seat runabout never planted its wheels on our side of the globe. Ask around in Europe, though, and people will tell you the humble two-door
It comes out in December
Lupin, as well as his Fiat 500, is entering the world of 3D.Yes, the Monkey Punch Manga and beloved anime series is getting an update. A trailer just dropped for a new Lupin the Third film set to come out in
Disclaimer: Not all of them are practical
The replacement for the iconic DS used floating cylinders as instruments, rotating to display speed and revs as the driver gazed through the single-spoke steering wheel. For the sanitized facelift, they were binned. Boo.Well, if you're going to reclothe
So swinging '60s
The Fiat 500 is 60 years old and, as befits the cutest motoring icon in all the world, it's got a birthday present-a collaboration between Garage Italia and Pininfarina. Welcome to the Spiaggina by Garage Italia. As you can see,
Can Russ Swift top this?
The last time we reported about the world's tightest parallel-parking stunt, it was in December 2012 with German stunt driver Ronny Wechselberger sliding a black Volkswagen Up in between two red Ups with just 14cm to spare.Well, it seems
We want this pocket rocket
In terms of adorability and cuteness, the Fiat 500 is right up there with the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper. Small car, no frills, universal appeal. It's a car that's as acceptable to a small kid as it is
The true cute ute
Unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the Fiat 500X is officially real and is already in production, with the Italian carmaker confirming the engines and transmission that the vehicle will be offered with when it goes on sale.As the latest
Can you guess which car it is?
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently subjected 11 city cars to its small overlap front crash test, and according to the organization, only one model passed, \"making these tiny vehicles the worst-performing group of any evaluated so far.\"The small
The little car that could
One of the bright stars of the 1963 Turin Motor Show was the Abarth 595, a pocket rocket based on the old Fiat 500. Fifty years later, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this month, Abarth is resurrecting the 595, derived of
The modern version, not the classic one
In production since 2007, the modern Fiat 500 recently reached a milestone as the one millionth unit of the Italian carmaker's city car rolled out of its factory in Poland.The record-breaking model is painted in three-layer Funk White
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