That’s one way to showcase your technology’s capabilities
What better way for a carmaker to showcase its fuel cell's capabilities than to use it to power something big, right? In the case of Toyota, it went really big.The Japanese automaker's fuel cell was recently used to power
The three companies have just inked a new partnership
Huge news for the automotive industry: Toyota, Isuzu, and Hino have just inked a new partnership aimed at jointly developing battery and fuel-cell electric vehicles (BEVs and FCEVs), autonomous driving technologies, and electronic platforms for commercial vehicles.Through the new partnership,
Moon cruiser, anyone?
Toyota. A brand that, until the 86 and the Supra, you probably associated with dependability. Sense. Tedium, perhaps. But thanks to those sports cars, a Le Mans win, and a World Rally program, it's beginning to turn that around.Oh, and
From the man behind the original Apollo
Remember the Gumpert Apollo? While the utterly bonkers Apollo Intensa Emozione appears to be the car that rose from its ashes, there's another to consider. The is the Roland Gumpert Nathalie, a methanol-powered sports car from the man behind the
Capable of 800km on a single charge/tank
The SUV you see above is the Hyundai Nexo, its new hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. We've had a glimpse of it already, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has given us a proper look.It's near-production
A close encounter with the Honda Clarity FCV
A day after I get back from covering the Tokyo Motor Show, a friend of mine asks, "Hey, you also went to that Honda track, right? What did you drive there?""The latest Clarity," I reply, "but it was only for a
Toyota's Mirai has competition
Since the late '80s, Honda has been consistent in its hydrogen-motoring efforts. It had a breakthrough in 2002 with its FCX, the first fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) to be certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Continuous developments led to the
We take a sip of the FCV's liquid emission
You may have heard that Toyota Motor Corporation has created a car so futuristic that they called it Mirai, which in Japanese means "the future." Heck, it's so futuristic they just had to feature it in a tribute video on the
All 5 of them
In November last year, we gave you a sneak peek into the future of motoring according to Toyota by showing you the Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. A few weeks later, we gave you a deeper insight into what this amazing piece
Car to also go on sale in Europe and US this year
With orders for the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car exceeding the Japanese carmaker's 2015 forecast for the vehicle in its home market by nearly 300%, the company has decided to increase the car's production, especially since it will also be
Exceeds carmaker's 2015 sales forecast
Since its launch in Japan in December 2014, over 1,500 orders have reportedly been placed for the Toyota Mirai, the Japanese carmaker's fuel-cell sedan.During the vehicle's launch, Toyota's sales forecast for the Mirai in its home
Until 2020
In a move that mirrors what electric carmaker Tesla did for its electric vehicle technology, Toyota has announced that it is opening up globally its fuel-cell vehicle patents--which reportedly number around 5,680--as part of its efforts "to popularize
A good look at the future
A highlight of our trip to Tokyo recently was seeing and feeling the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. There was a lot to absorb because it is such a groundbreaking car. It's like the Prius hybrid being introduced all
And it means 'future' in Japanese
In June, Toyota revealed the production model of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, which first debuted as a concept car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Back then, it was simply called FCV, abbreviation for fuel-cell vehicle.Well, the FCV now
How much is it?
Toyota Motor Corporation has revealed the production model of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, which was first unveiled as a concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.To go on sale in the carmaker's home market of Japan in April 2015
Production to start in February 2014
Roughly a year after Hyundai became the first carmaker to mass-produce fuel-cell vehicles with the Tucson Fuel Cell model--first for the European market in February 2013--the Korean carmaker will next offer the vehicle to the US market in
Meet the fuel-cell-powered FC Deco Deck
As our associate editor Paulo Subido reported, the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show is not just about show-stopping sports cars. The biennial car expo also features some pretty neat commercial vehicles, including those by Isuzu Motors. And perhaps the coolest transporter vehicle
Believe it or not
Hyundai is now officially the world's first carmaker to mass-produce fuel-cell cars with a white ix35 Fuel Cell being the first to roll off its assembly line at its Ulsan, South Korea, plant."With the ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle,
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